Conference Presentations

eCrug – June 21, 2016

Presentation: Transforming HCM-FSCM Business Integration through Integration Broker
Client: Niagara Region
Subject: A review of how Niagara Region leveraged the Enterprise Integration Points through Integration Broker to streamline the flow of data between HR and Finance and support new workflow capabilities for financial processes.

eCrug – June 11, 2013

Presentation: myHR – Extreme Makeover – Niagara Region’s HR Employee Self Service
Client: Niagara Region
Subject: A look at Niagara Region’s recent makeover of their HR self service site, including key business drivers, results, and how PeopleSoft technologies were leveraged.

eCrug – June 11, 2012

Presentation: PeopleSoft ePerformance Pilot
Client: Peel Regional Police
Subject: A case study of how Peel Regional Police introduced an ePerformance solution that manages employee performance/goals, automates notification process, increases reporting capabilities.

eCrug – June 21, 2010

Presentation: It’s About Time
Client: N/A
Subject: A presentation sharing our expertise with selecting, implementing and supporting a new Time and Attendance solution, highlighting some of the specific considerations for those of you who are PeopleSoft HCM/Payroll owners already!

MISA – June 15, 2010

Presentation: HR Goes Green with Employee Self Service
Client: Niagara Region
Subject: A case study of how Niagara Region introduced HR Employee Self Service applications in an effort to ‘go greener’, while lowering overall effort and costs associated with delivering HR services.

eCrug – June 18, 2009

Presentation: eRecruit – An Enhanced Experience for Everyone
Client: Peel Regional Police
Subject: Demonstration of continuous enhancements of the PeopleSoft eRecruit solution to meet the needs of hiring managers, candidates, and HR.