Our SUPER Support commitment.

With Katalogic Technical Support and Outsourcing services there are no support tiers to choose from: we don’t believe in doing things in half measures, so every customer can expect to receive SUPER Support.

We’re committed to becoming an integrated part of your team, not just another anonymous “ticket processing” call centre.

Our industry leading Service Level Agreements guarantee that when you need us we’ll be there and we’ll deliver on time. Included in our SLAs are:

  • Email and Toll free support
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Access to application, system, and business specialists
  • Tracking and feedback tools for monitoring issues and enhancement requests
  • Management reports

SUPER Support is our commitment to go above and beyond, every time.

•What makes Katalogic support SUPER?

Names not numbers – Every customer has dedicated resources, so you’ll know the names and the roles of everyone on your team. This allows us to better understand your business, which helps us resolve issues quicker, and to proactively identify improvements in your applications.

One-size does not fit all – Your organization is unique and we understand that. That’s why we personalize our support to your specific needs. Whether it’s participating in year-end planning and operational meetings or providing direct access to our resources, we believe providing support cannot begin and end with just a problem “ticket”.

Solutions, not just answers – Consider us your HR application advisors. Whether you have a question, an issue, or a critical business challenge we leverage our team’s experience implementing and supporting HR applications. We will find the right solution that meets all your needs today and in the future.

The whole truth – You can’t make good decisions without all the information, so we’ll always tell you everything we know, even when it’s not what you want to hear.

It’s not easy being SUPER

Technical Support and Outsourcing customers also get access to Katalogic SELFSERVE®, to immediately boost the value of their Peoplesoft and Kronos systems.

SELFSERVE® is a proprietary self-service platform that integrates with your HR systems to enhance delivery of your HR services to employees and managers.

The Katalogic SUPER Support team will optimize your HR systems immediately upon transition, and with a fast-tracked SELFSERVE® implementation and ongoing access to our team of professionals, we can deliver value for your HR systems.

Contact us to learn how Katalogic can build a Technical Support or Outsourcing package that can reduce your support costs and start building value in your system investments.

Contact us at solutions@katalogic.com

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